In-App Conversations

Live conversations for your users on your app. Add the missing engagement to make your consumer app more sticky or increase productivity of your enterprise work flow app.

Multi Platform

Two way video, voice and data communications works seamlessly across iOS, Android and HTML5/WebRTC device platforms. We have made it all simple so you focus on your users and their in-app experience.

Global and Secure

We are a bunch of telco geeks with the most advanced, robust, secure and on-demand scalable global cloud network. Zero backend complexity, Zero APIs to learn and 100% powerful.

OpenClove has eliminated the cost, time and complexity
to embed In-App conversations in your app.
Here are the simple steps.

Instantly Try the Sample Apps below.
Then select your desired use case, grab the relevant iOS, Android or HTML5/WebRTC code,
Embed in your own app and try it out.
When you are ready to launch your app, simply sign up and grab a free API Key for your app.
Free web and email support is included.
Have fun!

Engage Chat
Two way user to user calling app

This is a classic 2-way calling use case, similar to Microsoft Skype or Apple FaceTime where a user calls another user for a video chat.
Register the user with any unique ID to the built-in peer network to send and receive call notifications.
Video sessions are enabled by default. Voice only and messaging options are available and controlled via parameters in the template.
This is available across iOS, Android and WebRTC.

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More Free Apps
Coming soon..

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Need more advanced features?

OpenClove Secure Communications as a Service or SCaaS has all the features you need -
Group Video, Global Phone Dial-out and Dial-In, Recording, Live Streaming, Voice IVR and more..